Downgrading platform version to a lower version

My local server(installed using SDK) is running on platform version 2.6.0 and for my use case I want to downgrade to a lower platform version ie v2.0.x. What steps do I need to follow to achieve the goal?

I thought the menu provides a list of alternatives .

Also are you working on a plain platform server or a Refapp server

But one hacky way would be to folk the specific platform version (2.0.x) and building it locally , or better still get it from sourceforge and deploy it to your server.Then Restart your server.

Does that help ?

use the ( other ) option when selecting a distribution during the setting up of the server with the sdk @kdaud

Am guessing you using this for your sdk setup. you checkout platfrom instead of distribution and platform will give you different versions you want to use. then choose the version you want either platform 2.6.0-snapshot. and below version ++

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As I mentioned above, the refapp 2.x is already running on platform 2.6.0 and my use case is to downgrade platform to a lower version i.e 2.0.x.

This is what am looking for my use case. I understand that after building the branch 2.0.x I have to remove the existing platform war file and replace it with the one for 2.0.x, can any one let me know the directory where these war files(modules) are stored? I am using linux os.

The folder is usually called platform if am not mistaken. I will try and crosscheck

You can still use openmrs sdk set up and checkout the platform version you want to use.

@tendomart could you let me know the folder name?

The folder is usually called platform .If am not mistaken .

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I highly don’t recommend downgrading from a running instance. The problem is that data model changes are only applied forward, so, e.g., the data model will be updated when you go from 2.0.x → 2.6.0, but going from 2.6.0 → 2.0.x will require you to manually undo the changes to the database. Instead, I’d setup an entirely new SDK instance to run 2.0.x against.

PS The SDK servers are stored in a folder call openmrs in whatever the value of System.getProperty("user.home") is on your system. On Linux and Mac, user.home is ~; on Windows it should be the same as the %USERPROFILE% environment variable, which is generally C:\Users\<username>\.


Is there a need for down-Grading the version ?