Dosage frequency not appearing

I have added new concepts of class FREQUENCY but these new values (PRN, Nocte) that I have added do not appear on the application under Medications > Frequency


I don’t know how Bahmni manages the frequency, but PRN is not a frequency, but can be added to a frequency. Not sure about Nocte.

Thanks for your response @akanter

The request to add these 2 under frequency came directly from the healthcare providers

Providers are not necessarily informatics experts :). In this case, PRN should be a separate flag which gets added to the script. There also needs to be a comment associated with the PRN which governs the instructions. For example: Aspirin 500 mg PO q 4 hrs PRN headache. It doesn’t replace the every 4 hours part (q 4 hrs). I don’t know what Nocte means (perhaps before bed?). In that case, it would be a frequency, although it could be part of another frequency (QID could be breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed).

Thanks for your insightful comment