Doing certain things via the evolving order entry API

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The Order entry API has gone through a lot of evolution and most of the documentation on wiki is out-dated, i think we need to write a stable dev approach document to clear up the gaps. Am supporting/writing drug ordering or management on OpenMRS Platform 1.11.5 and seems to take long time figuring out how to do certain things; here are some of my observations and questions where i need to be highlighted.

  • Some Drug order properties such as instruction, dosing instructions, action seem to be un editable until the order is first revised when editing it
  • How can one continue or reverse discontinue order?? I have tried revise, setAction and save but not successful

Hi @k_joseph !

Are you following this newer order entry documentation page?

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And, if not, which pages? If there are pages that are misleading, then they need to be edited, moved, or deleted to reduce confusion for the next person.

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There are a number if documents that are outdated;

How can i continue an order or a drug order

Some of those are design pages as indicted in their titles, though we need to get rid of them since that phase ended anyways

Any response to my last question after the pages list!!!

Some DrugOrder in Platform 1.7.0 had a property called units, however we now have three properties such as doseUnits, quantityUnits and durationUnit. Am finding it hard to differentiate which of dose or quantity units is actually the initial units property?

In 1.10 units became doseUnits