Does PACS support any offline features


Since I am investigating whether PACS supports any offline features or capabilities, I would like to invite anyone who has experience or knowledge on the topic to help me figure it out. This is because so far I couldn’t find anything in this regard.

i.e. documentation, blogs, questions, etc.

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  1. With regards to Bahmni, it has integrated with DCM4chee PACS server. Which means… whenever someone places a radiology order in bahmni, the order is set to DCM4chee – and also received by the configured modality (xRay/Radiology machine).

  2. When the modality is used to capture a digital xRay… it sends the Digital image (usually DICOM) to the PACS server for storage (DCM4Chee). This is done over the network/LAN (assuming the Modality and PACS server are in the same network). If PACS server is on an internet/cloud based system – then I don’t think the DICOM server will received the image, if the internet is down (that might depend on the Modality – it may/may not support retries to PACS server). Will need to investigate further.

  3. Bahmni doesn’t have any storage for DICOM images in this case. It just has a hyperlink to DCM4chee+Order Number. When use clicks on this hyperlink, it launches the Oviyam viewer, and connects to PACS server… which then streams the image to the Bahmni user’s browser.

[Bahmni+Oviyam ] <-------DICOM streamed over network ----> [ PACS ] <------ DICOM over network---- [Modality]

What kind of offline features are you hoping to see? If the question is, can I see a DICOM image in Bahmni, if PACS server is offline… then the answer is No.

But, if the question is, can I see a DICOM image in Bahmni if Internet is down, but connection to PACS server is available (because both Bahmni Server & PACS are in same network), then YES, you should be able to see it.

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