Does OpenMRS' FHIR Approach require a particular type of FHIR server?

Hi @ibacher & @pmanko & @mozzy & @sharif & @abertnamanya,

Is the FHIR 2 module itself, & OpenMRS’ approach to FHIR in general / our FHIR IG work, agnostic to the type of FHIR server that a country or implementation might choose to use?

Reason: e.g. I’m hearing some countries are choosing that their SHR/Central Health Data Repository will use a LinuxForHealth FHIR Server rather than a HAPI FHIR server.

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Yes, that’s kind of the whole point of FHIR… It doesn’t matter which FHIR server they use, as long as when transacting with OpenMRS, they use the subset of FHIR OpenMRS understands.


And the correct version of FHIR, correct?

Yes… Although, we support both STU3 and R4, which should cover most real-world implementations.