Does OpenMRS do Software as a Service?

I’m interested in creating a local virtual hospital but I dont want the complications of setting up a server myself and testing it. I want to know if OpenMRS provides a Software as a Service solution so I can pay a subscription or something fro a fully operational OpenMRS server.

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OpenMRS as a community doesnt offer Openmrs Saas , probably some implementations may have that service
cc @mksd @wanyee

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@mozzy is correct.

There are multiple NGOs and companies which improve, implement features and host OpenMRS.

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Take a look in as well

Thanks @cintiadr! :slight_smile:

Hi @amiranda we - at @MekomSolutions - have been doing this for a couple of years, as in: OpenMRS/Bahmni as a Cloud SaaS solution. Feel free to reach out in private.


Thanks for all your responses! Really helpful community :slight_smile:

Hi Dimitri, Im interested in your offer, how can I talk to you inprivate? I cant seem to finde the option on this platform.

You can directly send a private message, (Go to his profile, and press the Message button).

Hope, @mksd meant this way.

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Yes that’s what I meant, thanks @suthagar23.

We can help you up setting up this as cloud service…

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