Does Bhanmi version: 0.92 include the Smart on FHIR functionality?


The OpenMRS Wiki recommends that new users choose a Distribution for ease of installation. The Bhamni distribution looks like the most appropriate one for use in small hospitals, so we are starting there.

However, we will need to use FHIR to integrate with other software in our environment - so I was wondering if the new Smart on FHIR implementation is included in the latest Bhamni 0.92 version distribution.?

If not, is it possible to install the new FHIR functionality after the distribution is installed?

Thanks for any advice you can offer me, Keith

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@keithduddy I replied to the other thread about FHIR2, so thought I’d reply here as well. OpenMRS is currently lacking production-ready SMART-on-FHIR capabilities. Just to elaborate a little more so we’re on the same page, FHIR is (roughly speaking) a REST API for representing health care data. SMART-on-FHIR is a framework for integrating a FHIR server as an OAuth2 resource server, which means that the FHIR server (a part of OpenMRS) is protected by an OAuth2 authentication server.

We currently have some prototyping work done integrating Keycloak 12 as the OAuth2 authentication server with OpenMRS in a way that can be layered on top of the OpenMRS FHIR2 implementation. This work can be found in the smartonfhir module and two plugins for Keycloak itself, one to authenticate using the OpenMRS user store and one which actually implements the SMART-on-FHIR flows. While this works well enough as a prototype (and largely for standalone launch only), there’s still some work to be done to get things into a production-ready state. Of course, we’d always welcome contributions to help us get over the finish line!

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Thanks very much for your advice @ibacher . I am new to OpenMRS, but not to FHIR… and know the theory of Smart on FHIR services. Our implementation partner uses OAuth2 (and the Jason Web Key format) for all their own integrations… so we should be fine if we install the right OpenMRS setup. Thanks for the links to the modules and Keycloak plugins!

We’ll see if we find any further bugs (and may try and fix anything we find and contribute it back). Right now we’re in proof-of-concept and demo mode, so we won’t be needing a production ready setup for a while. I’ll follow progress and see if we’re in a position to help.

I see you responded to another thread as well… I’ll reply to you there as well.

cheers! …|<