Documentation Sprint-. New developer persona

Hello Gruop members , we need to discuss the progress of the tasks we were given. as per here cc @gcliff @ruhanga @irenyak1

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Sure, I believe the team has taken some time off to read through the New developer documentation, has anyone come across anything they may deem worthy updating? Please we can share ideas on this. Thanks @mozzy for starting this thread. cc @gcliff @ruhanga

hello members, i have been reviewing through and am thinking that instead of “mvn clean package” on paragraph 6, we should switch it to mvn clean install

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thats a cool idea @ Cliff…
package will compile your code and also package it. For example, if your pom says the project is a jar, it will create a jar for you when you package it and put it somewhere in the target directory (by default).

install will compile and package, but it will also put the package in your local repository. This will make it so other projects can refer to it and grab it from your local repository.

So i think thats a cool idea

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To ensure proper Travis CI builds successfully

@gcliff why do you think so ?

my opinion is coz mvn clean package is an alternative of mvn clean install …i stand to be corrected if am wrong THANKS

@tendomart, i tried to give a simple explanation , i think its a better idea from @gcliff

both “package” and “install” are all phases in maven buil life cycle. but “install” , will both “package” the project into a jar file and alsol install generated jar file to the local repository for other dependencies if any.

hence install phase comes after package phase …so i wud prefer “install” to “package”

hello members, yo most welcome to tadys documentation sprint , kindly start off with what you were able to discover that needs amending in our wiki documents

volunteers you are most welcome to participate

Any one to share what they discovered ?

Sorry for the late response on this, thank you @gcliff for expressing interest in this. You may want to look though the “How to have a sprint” and “leading a sprint activity” pages for good workflow of the activity.

I am looking forward to updating links to pages that, instead of pointing to the exact content referred to (first time), end up in chains of redirects which may be annoying to the reader. It would be actually nicer removing or hiding these intermediate or chain of pages that may be outdated as well, I suppose.

There are also duplicates of pages that need to be streamlined or merged. A simple example is the SDK documentations that appears on two different pages, one being more detailed than the other.

Thank you Nathan for the work, i think you can go ahead and update the links on those pages then you can inform Dan of the amendments done for final approvals, THANK YOU FOR THE WORK

Personally i was reviewing the page and item 5 (step by step installation for developers) mysql currently being used by openmrs should be specified because some people when they click on the mysql link end up downloading older versions or 5.8 mysql version. Also under installation of the OpenMRS SDK page the mysql version should be updated from 5.6 to 5.7. THANKS

thx Guys for the updates , ill soon also point out my findings , still going through

Guys , any more findindings to udate here , and some one update me the minutes from the documentation call, my network wasnt good…

am thinking we can ask the senior developer of openmrs to upload a new video on, coz the one that was made by rafal seems old now and the interfaces have been changed and upgraded

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thats right cliff

Now i was going through the Developer’s manual in the section Creating your first module

. The exampe given is based on the Legacy UI , but since we are now shifting more to the UI framework … i would suggest we direct all our new developers to using the UI framework , rather tha the legacy UI. in this i mean is it fine that the Example of creating a your first module be updated to be using the UI frame work intead of the Legacy UI ?? @cc @dkayiwa @tendomart @samuel34 @ruhanga @darius