Documentation Project: First step in creating an up-to-date "OMRS Upgrade Technical Package"

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One of OMRS’ deliverables for the Rwanda EMR 2.x Upgrade project is to create an “OpenMRS Upgrade Technical Package” that will be useful for both the Rwanda upgrade and other upgrades in the future (for any country or instance). This package will include: An overview on how to upgrade OpenMRS; an Upgrade Guide; an OMRS 2.x technical specification document; and upgrade script(s). We currently have documentation from all kinds of distributions’ upgrades in a variety of different places.

As discussed in the last Documentation Squad team meeting, we’ve created a Trello card (below) to reflect our first step: to collect examples of existing OMRS and distributions’ documentation on advice for handling Upgrades.

If you are aware of existing upgrade documentation, please post a link to it here to help the documentation team. :slight_smile:

@jnsereko thank you for so graciously offering to take this first piece of work.

Upgrade Package: Landscape review of what documentation already exists

CC: @jennifer @herbert24


Links already kindly shared by Daniel:


Hello @grace, sorry for taking long to reply. I have been reading through scripts and guide of upgrades in different countries, including Nigeria, Mozambique, Uganda.

@jennifer opened up a prospective googles docs for the OMRS Upgrade guide. If you take a look at it, you will see that it has only the wil-be sections of the required guide. You can comment about any of these sections giving your mind, whether it (they) is (are) required, or information/content it (they) might have. Your comment will be of much importance in the release of a perfect Guide.

With regard to the first section, General OpenMRS upgrade approach, i have added a comment indicating my confusion and how i understood it. You can please take a look at it and post the reply in this thread. You can use this thread to comment about the whole dummy guide.

cc @jennifer @herbert24 @dkayiwa @mksd @ssmusoke @darius @burke @akanter and any one willing to join the discussion


I have added some comments for you on the prospective googles doc

Hi @jnsereko we are on call right now

Hello @herbert24 @jennifer

I am so sorry for the last discussion. Will you be available today