Documentation of checkout of all Bahmni GitHub repositories


In the Bahmni wiki there is a page which explains how to checkout all the Bahmni GitHub repositories: Checkout all Bahmni source code

This page has two problems:

  1. It addresses only people who are within the Bahmni organization on GitHub.
  2. It seems like the shell snippets refers to a repository which doesn’t exist anymore.

Maybe you are interested in adopting my little helper script:

This script could then be linked from here:

Hi @janux

I think the page itself is no longer needed. I have Archived it:

Your script looks good. I will request @binduak to try it out once, and then merge it. Then we could update the documentation page you suggest to mention this script. Thanks!

Hi @binduak, the pull request was broken for a week as I stumbled across a strange behaviour of the unexpand command on the attempt to replace the spaces in my file with tabs:

# This command extinguished the contents of the file
unexpand -t 4 -a dev/ > dev/

# If the output redirection is not in the same file, it will work out :/ 
unexpand -t 4 -a dev/ > dev/

Here is the new pull request:

You could paste this command into your terminal, to try the script out:

curl -s > /tmp/
bash /tmp/ -d /tmp/src/bahmni

If jq is not yet install on your laptop, you can install it with brew install jq on MacOS. (Yes, you surely want to have it installed. This tool is awesome for processing JSON in shell scripts.)

Hi @janux, Thanks for the pull request. We have merged the pull request and updated the Setting up Bahmni Dev Environment page with the script details.

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