Documentation Forum 2020-02-11

Hi everyone,
Just a gentle reminder regarding our documentation call at 5pm EAT | 2pm UTC |. We shall focus on:

  1. challenges/lessons learned from 2019
  2. Strategies for addressing the above and come up with a plan for 2020
  3. A.O.B.

You can join the call through this link or follow the notes on this link

cc @wcuttrell, @drazov @balikerc21,@c.antwi, @ruhanga, @jennifer, @dkayiwa, @irenyak1,@burke, @herbert24 , @dkayiwa, @ayesh, @batbrain7, @marslan8530 @odorajonathan, @georgejr, @batbrain7, @gcliff, @tendomart, @sharif, @pcp, @ssemakadde, @codestar, @amosalimpa and @jwnasambu


Hey Juliet,

I will be, at the very least, following along with the written notes as myself, @wcuttrel, and @balickerc21 are all in class when it starts. Thank you for the ping!


Its fine. I appreciate your response.

Hey Juliet,

I will attempt to follow along during the meeting today! Thank you!

Thanks. Feel free to share your views through chat.

@marslan8530 kindly meet @balikerc21, @drazov and @amosalimpa they are new members in the community interested in documentation. Kindly help me a sign them some tasks in your project. They already have access to wiki. Concerning Re-organization of OpenMRS Wiki feel free to lick off I will join you tomorrow at 8pm EAT. Thanks in advance.

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@batbrain7 and @ayesh hope all is well. It has been a while without a say. Concerning your GSoD project when should we expect to hear from your team since you are the ambassadors?

Hey @balikerc21, @drazov @amosalimpa

Welcome to OpenMRS community. @jwnasambu and i are so happy you want to help us with the documentation. Take some time to explore GSoD Work Report and ask questions if any. We will then formally start implementing the work to make our Wiki better.


Ok dear @marslan8530 let me read through first. Sorry for having delayed to see this message.

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No problem. Take your time.