Documentation Forum 2019-09-24

Hello all, documentation Forum is from 4pm - 5pm EAT and 1pm - 2pm UTC. Our main focus will be on:

  1. GSoD activities
  2. Documentation guide
  3. Review of documenting roadmap

You can join the call through this link

cc @c.antwi, @ruhanga, @jennifer, @dkayiwa, @irenyak1,@burke, @herbert24 , @dkayiwa, @ayesh, @marslan8530 @odorajonathan, @georgejr, @batbrain7, @gcliff, @tendomart, @sharif, @pcp, @ssemakadde, @codestar and @jwnasambu

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@tendomart and @gcliff its just a follow up! did you confirm with google the time the technical writers are supposed to work on our projects per day?

@jwnasambu i haven’t seen yet any daily particular time allocated to the writers except the timeline frame for working on the projects

Kindly confirm with Andrew so that we don’t fail as a community.