Documentation Forum 2019 - 08 -2019

Hello all, Today’s documentation Forum is from 4pm - 5pm EAT and 1pm - 2pm UTC. Our main focus will be on:

  1. GSoD activity (Mentor - technical writers bonding period)
  2. Documentation guide review.
  3. A.O.B

You can join the call through this link

cc @c.antwi, @ruhanga, @jennifer, @dkayiwa, @irenyak1,@burke, @herbert24 , @dkayiwa, @ayesh, @marslan8530 @odorajonathan, @georgejr, @batbrain7, @gcliff, @tendomart, @sharif, @pcp, @ssemakadde, @codestar and @jwnasambu,


Thanks @jwnasambu , sorry i missed the call ,did u make a recording of the call.