Documentation Forum 2019-02-19

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Hello all, Today’s documentation Forum is from 4pm - 5pm EAT and 1pm - 2pm UTC.


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To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use a Webster-compatible browser (Chrome recommended) and join the OpenMRS UberConference call:


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The next documentation Forum will be on Tuesday, February 26th @ [4-5 pm EAT] ( - OPEN FORUM

Kindly come and share ideas on how to improve on our documentation.
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Thanks juliet for the reminder :+1:

Just a reminder, documentation forum meeting will begin in 10min time.
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Hello friends, kindly help help us understand the following:

  1. Difference between the implementer’s guide and the user guide.
  2. The personas each guide is supposed to address.
  3. At the end of documentation review process how many guides should openmrs have?
    Thanks in advance

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Just a thought here, but I would think that the implementer’s guide is for systems admins and other who are trying to set up an instance of OpenMRS, it would include things like, this is server you will need to set up OpenMRS for your program. While the user guide is for the end user, those that will actually be using the software. So for example it might include, here’s how to register a patient in the reference app.

Thanks for your feedback. Could we be having any existing user guide that you know of ?

Hi @jwnasambu and @ruffjm - The implementer’s guide would go well beyond the installation of OpenMRS, but also cover how to prepare the organization for change to use OpenMRS, what steps are needed to fully implement, and how to ensure an implementation is successful. Roles that might lead this work are an HMIS Officer, M&E Lead, Implementation Specialist, etc. These people are the ones who coordinate an implementation even if they aren’t doing all of site-level work in the implementation - readiness/site assessment, preparation, orientation/champions for change, infrastructure/hardware, training, data migration, data reconstruction, quality assurance and acceptance testing at the site level, go-live, pilot to production, and ongoing monitoring & updates. Our implementation guide needs to reflect what it takes in the real world, at a site, to implement OpenMRS. This is a big project, but a very worthy one. Do we have a starting document that we’ve created for OpenMRS in the past on this?

I’ve been tasked with developing something similar form AMPATH, what it takes to run our version of OpenMRS. I’ve been using this as a start.

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This is the implementer’s guide we have so far. You haven’t talked about the user guide. In yesterday’s forum we learned that we have two guides that is developer and implementer’s guide. What is the origin of the user guide? which personas is it supposed to address? kindly help us we are stack



I don’t know that there is a current users guide. At AMPATH we have developed some training materials for past versions, but our current method of training is to take the users through a live version of the application and then provide one the job training.

Bahmni has EXCELLENT documentation. Here is a link to their implementors guide and user guide.

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Thanks let me go through the links

+1 on @janflowers has mentioned.

Could we schedule a brief call to iron some of these issues out this week?

@jwnasambu @ruhanga

True. Which day and time is convenient ?

Depending on who we can get we can do it early morning ? 8am UTC/11am EAT?

Tommorow or Friday Morning is still ok

@c.antwi thanks so much, the earlier the better. Friends, kindly join us tomorrow at 8am UTC/11am EAT to iron out some issues on user persona. Your submission are highly welcome.

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thanks juliet for the reminder

Is this put on the OpenMRS Calendar?

Its not. Only that in yesterday’s meeting we didn’t conclude on the difference between the user guide and implementer’s guide and we just wished to iron out basing on members submission on talk.

Thought this might be useful. Here’s a link to an implementer’s guide and supporting tools that we developed in eSaude for the national OpenMRS rollout in Mozambique:

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@c.antwi, @jwnasambu thank you for the communication.