Documentation for solving "No User Interface Module"

Hi all
There is this common issue of some implementations installing OpenMRS platform 2.x and they hit upon this
No User Interface Module Installed


This may look quite trivial to some of the experienced devs with OpenMRS. But I think to make the installation process more agile and easy to the new implementations this issue should be addressed in a better way just like Proposing a sprint to help people upgrade to Platform 2.x (Mozambique tried to upgrade to Platform 2.x, but was blocked for various reasons) is being addressed. This should also be considered a “Community priority”.

Extending discussion and work from here, @ivange94 came up with a Documentation on this issue, however I think this should be updated and improved cause am seeing alot of implementations being blocked by this simple issue. I suppose workarounds should be done to automate the installation process without hitting this tragedy. If documentations are put in place, I think links to the resource are relevant on such pages, download, Installing OpenMRS . I’m just coming up with an idea members, Any thoughts?
cc: @ivange94 , @darius , @dkayiwa … etc

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Do these notes address your concern?

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@samuel34 I agree that this current situation has been confusing for people, and it should be priority to fix it. (And thank you for taking the initiative to propose this as a community priority, following up on our conversation on the other thread!)

@dkayiwa did we end up creating tickets based on that design forum?

We had discussed this in the context of the OpenMRS Platform releases, but I wonder if one problem is that some people run into this because they just build and run openmrs-core. (In which case our proposed fix isn’t going to address their situation.)

Also, @samuel34, can you suggest what parts of the current process are especially confusing to new users? (For example I just noticed that the wiki page about installing a UI module incorrectly stated that the Reference Application didn’t support Platform 2.x. I changed the wiki page, but the instructions that I quickly wrote just now are too brief.)

According to my analysis and research, most of the implementations encounter this error when installing OpenMRS through building core or just using a “.war” file and deploying it to tomcat. This is because platform has no UI modules installed at the start. I propose on the start page of platform (The page where database tables are created and updated), there should be included a widget of adding the Legacy ui module.

@dkayiwa I didn’t know there tickets on this, if so do you mind pointing them out?

@dkayiwa could this be one the tickets? FYI @samuel34

I guess its not one of them :roll_eyes:

The tickets were created on this board:

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@dkayiwa Thanks alot