Documentation for manually configuring apps and extensions

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@arbaughj, I presume you’d do this via the hack that we discovered where since you can define apps (via JSON in a textarea in the admin UI) you can therefore define an empty app that has extensions in it.

Is that documented in the right place? I see but I wonder if it would be better if we could get you to write a tutorial-style piece which starts out with a use case, and describes how you do it.

Thanks @darius. I’ll be happy to add some how-to use-case examples to the page you mention once I figure out how to do it myself.

I didn’t know I could create a link to something with a JSON in a texarea in the admin UI. I’ll have to give that a try. I was thinking to use the configuration for the page after HTML form submission to open my clinical summary. Or as a worst-case, really hacky way, configure an implementation defined form, with a JavaScript re-direct in it to open my clinical summary.

I was specifically thinking of writing up some examples on a shared page (similar to the form bank) for the json to configure the registration app; how to add additional person attribute fields, address hierarchy, manual identifier entry, retrospective entry, etc.

Where was that goldmind of a document on configuring apps with JSON when I started working on this? I added a short section and a link to the full document on the Reference Application 2.3 page.

I have added a little more documentation at…

Specifically, how to “define an empty app that has extensions in it” so you can link to somewhere else. Thanks @darius for the hint.

I also added a section to that page so you can easily find the Reporting UI App Configuration instructions.

I created a new documentation page for Registration App Configuration.