Document Storage Backups


I’m looking into the bahmni document storage module for patient documents, however since it stores patient documents to disk, it’s not a reliable/durable storage option. I was wondering if:

  1. It’s possible to configure the storage module to an external storage solution other than disk, say a CDN?
  2. If it’s possible, is there documentation?
  3. If not possible, what would be the preferred way to back up?

cc @mksd @angshuonline

@fali is this an infrastructure question? If yes then I’m afraid that everyone’s on their own… We can give pointers as the kind of stuff we do, but it’s probably highly coupled with our in-house Docker Compose setup (cc @mksrom.)

Or is it a patient document modelling question? As in you would like a complex obs handler for those documents to know how to store to/retrieve from a CDN?

@mksd its an infrastructure question and yes I’d love to know what you do. I’d like to know how you handle document storage and how you do backups for the documents.