Doctor Rights (User is logged in but doesn't have the relevant privilege)

I am trying to create doctor role for bahmni with the following rights:

After the doctor logs in and goes to “clinical” module he gets the following error

Any idea what am missing here ?

Also, if there’s documentation on rights for various roles like: doctor,nurse, front office would be great help.

Hi @abiieez, Please refer this Bahmni WIKI to understand the predefined roles/privileges so that you can select correct combination of roles for your user. Is bahmni-doctor role created by you? Note : Doctor needs to have Clinical:FullAccess.


I didn’t create any new roles. What I did just assigning that role to the user.

I followed your advice to assign “Clinical:FullAccess” but I am getting the same error.

@abiieez, Please logout and login again after you make any changes to roles.

I can confirmed even after restarting the server I still face the same error. I have updated the questions with latest screenshot.

Are you assigning roles to a new user or an existing one? Could you please attach screenshot of the complete roles page?

I created new user.

Complete Roles Listing

I assigned “Program-Enrollment” and “Doctor” roles and it fixed the issue.