Docker Toolbox installation for Bahmni on Windows?

You need to follow the instructions mentioned in the wiki (Section- Configuring Bahmni For Development). To give you the gist, the ~/bahmni-code folder is shared between your local machine and your docker containers. So, you need to check-out all the codebase of bahmni as mentioned in the wiki and compile it.

If you are just interested in a demo of bahmni and not willing to configure for development, you can use BAHMNI_PROFILE called mrs-demo. i.e. in the line of Vagrantfile, you can use mrs-demo.yml instead of mrs.yml. Then do a “vagrant reload” It would just start the containers with the artifacts built in from inside (rather than looking for a shared folder on your machine).

I followed this link:

I wiil definitely try yours. there are too many links that arent detailed out there ,perhaps a video tut can really help many upcoming newcomers. thanks

As @bharatak says, you need to change the [line][1] that says ~/bahmni-code to point to the bahmni-code folder on your machine (maybe something like c:\ehr\bahmni-code):

We will work on creating a video for bahmni installation and try to improve the instructions. Also, those instructions mainly cater to Mac/Linux machine but most of it should work for Windows as well.

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i came across this link. i want to install it in my docker.

what do you think?

here is the latest feeback in my installation process

please can i get the missing file for the box from you guys