Docker image for openMRS

Application name: OpenMRS

Question : I have noticed like docker image is not ready for production. Is it meant that we can’t use the docker image for production. May i know more details on this. And also, anyone working cloud.

Thanks Prapa

Hi Prapa,

@fali has done some work at Ampath to set up a working, production-ready docker image for openmrs. The github repo is She can answer any questions that you may have about it.

I don’t know much about the other docker containers out there – will defer to others who might know more than me.

@fail, @joeldenning, Thanks for the mail. It looks build is running on daily basis. May i know who is managing docker repository. Any information regarding this is really appreciated .

Thanks Prapa

Here are some people who probably know more about who’s maintaining that docker image. @mogoodrich @bistenes @mseaton @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

Is this of any value?

Is Docker image production ready. how is defect fixing pushed to new build. openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro

Thanks Prapa

@prapakaran I have a reference application docker image that I’m currently running in production here: It’s not officially community-supported but we’ve been updating and improving it as we go over the past 18 months or so.

You can check out the rest of our infrastructure here: It’s pretty specific to our use-case (telemedicine) but it’s a good example of how to use the docker-image.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions

@isears Thanks for sharing link, May i know how you are handling defect fixing and enhancement then pushing to docker hub.

Thanks Prapa

Yeah, dockerhub builds of the image are automatically triggered by updates to this repository:

It’s mostly just the buildscript used by openmrs-sdk for the demo image, but a few tweaks to make things production-ready. The two main things are:

  • Enabling setting the OpenMRS Admin password with an environment variable
  • Removing demo data that’s present by default in the demo image

Hi @prapakaran

openMRS has few instances which are up and running now.You can get an idea about them from the below wiki links

Actually on instances openMRS is using docker-compose for the deployments.The changes for the instances are triggered in CI as per instance owners request.(Maybe weekly or if theres any crtical bug or a blocker).From the CI it self it will be pushing the docker mage to the hub with the specific tag.(To get an idea about currently available tags look over here and refer the docker-compose files inside folders And then recreating the docker containers happens from the instance it self as I know.

cc @cintiadr :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Ayesh

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@ayesh @isears Thank you. Are you using mobile app also. Is every hospital separate instance or handled in single environment for multiple hospitals.

Thanks Prapa

@ayesh Is the infrastructure also provided by OpenMRS. Is it freely available for hosting. If yes- what are the cloud regions it available.

Thanks Prapa

@isears, Thank you. Is it possible to run same docker on kubernetes.

Thanks Prapa

You should at least be able to get the docker image running in kubernetes. Unfortunately, because of limitations in the design of the refapp itself, you probably won’t be able to take advantage of most of the advanced functionality that makes kubernetes worthwhile.

As far as I know, not much has changed since this thread was started ~1yr. ago: Playing around with OpenMRS in the cloud

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@isears Thanks for your answer, I noticed the docker image is build from sourceforge link. May i know who is pushing build to sourceforge.

May i know how the defect fix moved to sourceforge?

Thanks Prapa

I believe there’s an automated release pipeline that ultimately pushes to sourceforge.

Are you referring to a openmrs cloud limitations? If so there is no fix for that (yet).

hi @prapakaran

Actually the defect fixes will be going to the source fordge after a release.

If there is a blocker I think bug patches are done.

@isears thanks for the answer. I knew cloud limitation is not fixed immediately. am planning to take docker option. I like your architecture. Am i get 30 min of your time for some queries lated with deployment and defect fixes.

Thanks Prapa

Thank you. Is there way to push CI build to new docker registry for production. Is there any contact for that.