docker-compose reference app? "unofficial" also gladly welcome

Hello, please, i have 2 questions:

  • first, is there a docker-compose for the reference app, or say: i found a link with “qa” however, would like to try it in production. could you please kindly provide a link if there is, an “unoffical” would be also great.
  • are there people using it in production? say, it’s not a big difference of installing mysql apache and java, and add the war … or take the docker, however, it’s slighty more comfi …

Thank you very much!

Did you get chance looking at this Installing OpenMRS on Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

thank you very much, have not seen yet, will read it! thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have done so and it runs, thank you. Might I please ask: where is the Dockerfile for the demo app itself? I cannot find it. Reason is: I would like to add modules, or say: have the OpenMRS service on a apache-docker image in the Dockerfile, and the docker-compose will invoke it. Might there be such example? Thank you!

@bci you can have a look at the docker-compose file for the demo server , for adding more modules into the demo server its not possible(deactivated)

See here

Thanks @gcliff for suggestion, @bci feel free to always update your docker image file with required version of referenceapplication as suggested by @gcliff here openmrs-contrib-ansible-docker-compose/docker-compose.yml at master · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-ansible-docker-compose · GitHub

Thank you very much @sharif and @gcliff !

ANSWERING my question, in case that somebody may have the same question: here: openmrs-sdk/maven-plugin/src/main/resources/build-distro/web at master · openmrs/openmrs-sdk · GitHub

github, here: openmrs-sdk/maven-plugin/src/main/resources/build-distro/web/

Thank you

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