Docker-Compose Configuration file For the Four Bahmni Components

I want to install the whole complete set of Bahmni using Docker-compose that is

  • OpenMRS
  • OpenERP,
  • dcm4chee
  • OpenELIS

However looking at this wiki page , it talks of this bahmni docker repo (which i think is being deprecated) and there is this other repo (which i think is being curently mainatined).

However the above wiki page only talks about installing only three components

  • OpenMRS
  • OpenERP,
  • OpenELIS
    and it doesnt talk about dcm4chee (Radiology)

. I want have a Docker-Compose file ,where i will install all the four components at once as at the demo

cc @mksrom @angshuonline


Hi @mozzy,!

Fair requirement. Bahmni does not officially support being deployed as Docker containers. The official way is the Bahmni Ansible installer.

Some implementers including us Mekom, have made our own Bahmni monolithic image where basically we start a CentOS 7 base (with augmented privileges), run the installer on it with the right components (ERP, Reports…) and then commit the image for later use.

This does bring a fair amount of downsides, but has proved to work. For instance the image will be 2 to 4GB large. The memory and CPU use won’t be optimized, and many other issues.

That said, we are working on a Bahmni Docker project that would provide all Bahmni components as inidividual Docker Compose services. This is still a bit early to provide feedback on real use, and the project is a bit orientated to fit to Mekom’s requirements on how to deploy Bahmni distros. But that can be optimized.

It does not support dcm4chee though (yet!).

Feel free to have a look, and give it a try and a GitHub star! :star: :smiley:


Thanks @mksrom I have looked at the the repo , its a better alternative atleast . :1st_place_medal:

In other words to have the entire complete set out of the box , i got to go with the Virtual Box ,as for now . right ??

Well I guess so.

Another alternative would be to contribute to the Bahmni Docker project and add the dcm4chee component.

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good point.