Do you have some good implementation stories? So help me with my talk!

Hi everyone,

I will be next week in Malawi for our conference, and I need help to craft a talk.

Do you have any openmrs implementation? Which difference did it make? Which impact did it have? How was gathering requirements? Was there any unexpected changes and challenges? How was training the staff? Is it a location with very little resources? Do you have photos? Anything nice, difficulties, everything. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ll be next week in Malawi, and I do have the Friday pretty much free. If you will be there, please reach out (look for the lady with short red hair, easy to spot).

If you won’t be in Malawi, please PM me for a call, or with the contact of anyone who would be willing to get their implementation in my talk :smiley:

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