Do you have Personas or Stakeholder Maps to share?

Hello Community! I am eager to find examples of Persona work that has been done throughout the community. Do you or your organization have anything you could share?

The personas might be the traditional end-users (such as Clerks, Nurses, Doctors), or other customer types (such as an administrator, developer, policy decision-maker, researcher, etc). This doesn’t need to be OpenMRS-specific - anything that relates to the people we serve.

Our technology serves a wide variety of people and needs, so any user interviews or persona materials would really be helpful for us to consolidate a shared understanding of who our personas and customers are - so that we can serve them better, together. A shared gut-sense of "would [persona name] do/use/want this?” can go a long way.

Talking to people is helping me put some of the puzzle pieces together, but why re-invent the wheel? Here are the existing materials people have shared so far:

Does anyone have anything to share? Experiences/thoughts also welcome :slight_smile:


For the volunteer developer persona, the self introductions in the Welcome thread might help.

@grace I had actually suggested that OpenMRS models the working styles around what Basecamp uses

The focus is on doing enough use case research, requirements elicitation and design for a feature to be developed