Do you have any clinic/hospital workflow, user journey documentation, or storyboards? Please share :)

Hi Community Members,

Does your distribution have documentation or visuals describing common user workflows, or common workflows at your sites? We’d love to see it!

Or, maybe you know of something that exists in OpenMRS already.

Rationale: When new contributors join, especially for PM/BA/UX roles, most people will not have the privilege of visiting clinics or hospitals to learn common workflows themselves (especially in our new COVID era). We’d like to help them quickly self-onboard to the contexts where OpenMRS is used. We can help these contributors make better requirements and designs by clearly documenting common workflows, roles, and the overall user journeys that tend to be seen in clinics and hospitals where OpenMRS is used. We’re hoping to compile existing knowledge and some commonalities between sites and distributions to have a simpler self-onboarding to clinic workflows.

This clinic workflow documentation will guide new contributors through (1) common Personas and Site Profiles (in draft here) and (2) a few common-user-moments / workflows / user journeys like this simple storyboard or this simple Bahmni clinic walkthrough.

I’m actively looking through our history for examples, and would love to see anything people have to share :slight_smile:

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Hi @grace we have short video we had prepared to onboard the new colleague and users in Nepal this could be a ref


Wow @sanjayap this is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this video. This will be very helpful - in fact I’ll share it with the UX designer on the MFE squad right away.

I had really tried to find videos that follow the patient journey through clinic/hospital workflows in the OpenMRS setting, and I didn’t find anything else like this.

Hi @grace , I finally got around to summarizing the workflows at PIH Mexico clinics in this document: . I hope that’s the right place for it.

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For me this video show the real OpenMRS. It’s sometimes shocking but great shows how people have to deal with “normal daily situations”