Do you have a REST app proposal for #omrs-hackathon?

Following Help us with ideas for the OMRS15 hackathon! , Welcome to the #OMRS15-hackathon and We are moving towards concentrating our efforts for the up-coming #omrs15 hackathon on polishing up the openmrs rest webservice module and building apps that interact with OpenMRS using rest + Angular.

We will be soon organizing the rest issues/tickets to deal with during the two day hacking, for now we think your organization may be having some apps (mobile, web etc) that you may be trying to get done or wish to implement, here is an opportunity for you to propose such applications for the #omrs-hackathon. We shall use them as tasks/projects for teams to help out members to know how to work with rest + Angular to build such apps. The advantage of-course will not only be sharing knowledge but also having complete apps at the end of the hackathon.

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I’m personally interested in playing around with some overview dashboards. I haven’t really thought this through, but it could be things like:

  • number of patients of different categories
  • number of enrollments/completions by program
  • visits by day
  • encounters (listed as they happen)
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