Do we use meetbot in IRC? Any volunteers to dockerise our IRC bots?

Hi everyone,

First question is: Do we still use the meetbot plugin in Supybot or can I disable it?

Second question: Is there anyone who could volunteer to dockerise our SupyBot configuration, so I can deploy it to jetstream?

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(In response to the second question) @cintiadr I love dockerising things! Not very familiar with the current OpenMRS infra though. What do you need exactly?

I would also love to be a part of this @cintiadr :grinning: sounds like an awesome learning experience.


I updated , but while I was doing that I realised that

  1. I have no idea what the bot does
  2. Our bot is actually not supported anymore :smiley:

Our docker infra is: you get me a pull request with a docker compose file (and secrets as environment variables), and I get that deployed.

Do you think either (or both!) of you would be able to untangle the bot mess?