Do we still need IRC logs from 2008-2014?

Hi everyone,

We’ve been keeping old IRC logs in Confluence for a while now. They are a nuisance when searching, and I have a feeling they might be the cause why upgrading confluence takes hours.

Should we migrate them somewhere else and serve static pages or can we delete them?

cc @burke?

I agree we don’t need to keep them in the wiki. I’d like to save them if we can Is there an easy way to convert them to static files? I could script something, but figure there’s an easier way.

I haven’t tried, but maybe we can export the whole space as html (and host them in s3)

Otherwise we’d have to hack a script using the rest api or curl.

OpenMRS IRC logs from 2008-2014 have been migrated here and purged from the wiki (and wiki search index rebuilt). :slight_smile:

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