Do we really want to use the OpenMRS logo as a spinner?

It looks like a growing number of projects are using the OpenMRS logo as a spinner. I think it may have started with the REST API documentation. While it may be cute, I’m not sure we want to directly link the OpenMRS brand with the worst part of an application – i.e. waiting for something to happen.

Does everyone else think it’s harmless? If I’m the only one who believes there’s a downside associating our logo with spinning discs , indeterminate progress bars (:tired_face:), and spinning hour glasses , then I’ll try to let it go. On the other hand, if others agree that we probably shouldn’t be putting our logo in the part of the application users hate the most, then let’s make an effort to provide an out-of-the-box spinner (e.g. a font-awesome spinner for the community to use in projects that isn’t our logo.

-Burke :burke:

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When I was developing SysAdmin OWA, I really needed that spinning(loading) Icon in so many places. I used OpenMRS spinner which is available in REST documentation.

Now a days, there are a lot of fancy spinners are available and we can easily replace with one :slight_smile:

Indeed, please let us use an actual spinner.

For example the reference application uses this:

If we prefer to standardize on a font-driven icon instead that’s fine.

But please let’s not use the OpenMRS logo for this. (Maybe someone can make a quick PR to change this in the web services docs, which seems to have been the trigger for using the OpenMRS logo.)


Can we think about some think like modern spinners instead of legacy one :slight_smile: ?