Do we have a way to tell one's current dev stage?

Am trying to come up with a starting list for people who may need to have their dev stages upgraded. Some few people already have their talk user profile with their current dev stage. But not all. Could there be any way i may not be aware of for telling one’s current dev stage?

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Discourse is the authoriative way right now. Beyond dev1, there are groups for each stage. dev-null: dev 1: dev 2: dev 3: dev 4: dev 5:

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@r0bby this is very useful. Thank you so so much! :slight_smile:

keep in mind, smart-developer needs to take the test :wink:

@r0bby or anyone else who knows, how do i actually move people into the various dev stages? Is there some sort of tool that i need to use? I do not mind even if i means doing it one by one. I just need to do it. :slight_smile:

You add them to the discourse group and the the badges are granted daily. I gave @burke a CSV file with all the upgrades. I’ll look into doing it later day or Monday. Part of me wants to write a tool though.

@r0bby so how do i add them to the discourse group?

I think @burke has to do it – give me the weekend - max Tuesday to write something :slight_smile:

@r0bby excellent!!! By the way, i like your response times! You are too fast that i sometimes wonder if you get any sleep! :slight_smile:

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@burke and @maurya - another piece to document?

Do I still have to say if I feel my stage has to be upgraded or should I wait till Tuesday?

@dkayiwa, I made you owner of the Dev Stage groups a week or two ago, so you should be able to manage these groups in Discourse. It’s not easy to find the group management in Discourse. The path I’ve learned is to get to them from my group list:

  • Click on your avatar at the top right
  • Click on your name at the top left of the popup (this takes you to your activity page)
  • Click the “↓Expand” button
  • Click the link the group you want to manage in your list of groups

@dkayiwa, note that we should strive to keep GitHub team assignments aligned with groups in Talk (we consider Talk the source of truth and adjust GitHub team assignments to match). This will ensure that people have GitHub privileges appropriate to their dev stage.

I have made you team maintainer for the dev stage groups in Currently, there is no reason to maintain membership of /dev/1 and little reason to maintain /dev/2, since additional permissions only begin at /dev/3. So, we could probably clear out /dev/2 and worry about maintaining those team lists in GitHub when/if they ever have any utility.

@willa cross check your current dev stage and feel free to tell us what you think! :slight_smile:

@burke can i also add people to /dev/1 ?

We should automate this. :slight_smile:

@r0bby who are authorised to assign badges? Can i do it to? :smile:

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No, add them to the proper devstage group and discourse will do it once a day. Based on the scheduler, it will run in about 21 hours from now.

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Just manually ran the background task, so all badges should have been granted. Looks like @lluismf is a shiny /dev/4:

That was fast @r0bby :slight_smile: How do we get to see it below his name?