Do i need to restart the server every time i made a change on a module's code

Hi all, i am trying to customize the orderentryui on top of OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5, i use Intellij IDE to work on the orderentryui source code. My problem is that every time i change something on the module and i try to test it on my local server, i need to do all this (i believe it will look stupid for most of you, but…) :

1- compile the source code using: mvn clean install -DskipTests on the orderentryui repository. 2- copy the generated .omod file to the openmrs/modules directory. 3- shutting down the server and restarting it using the command mvn openmrs-sdk:run

All this takes likes 4 to 5 min and sometimes even more (specially restarting the server) and it’s very annoying to me :sweat_smile:, surely i am using the wrong method, and i want to know if there is anything i can do to speedup the coding cycle !


Have you looked the the section named “Watching projects” on this page?

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omg i feel stupid xD … u saved my life man !!!

is this watching option works only for html changes ? because i tried to change some code on a .js file and it didn’t take notice of. am i missing something ?

@mouad do make sure js code is not cached by your browser. Use Ctrl + F5 to trigger cache refresh. Or setup your browser to not use cache, see e.g.

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yeay that was exactly the problem thanks a lot :smile: !!!