Display Visit Type on OpenElis Dashboard

As per one of the implementation of Bahmni, we need visit type to be shown on OpenElis dashboard.

Currently we don’t have any reference to visit type in elis as we are not sending visit type information to elis through atomfeed.

Can anyone suggest us approach to store/display visit type in OpenElis? @angshuonline, @padmavati

Well, it is not that we are not sending ‘visit types’ through ‘atomfeed’, but openelis is not pulling in the relevant visit associated with the encounter. Atomfeed does not send anything other than a simple event notification, its upto the consumer to decide what information to pull in or not.

Incidentally when an accession is created we do show the “sample source” in ELIS. (in demo, if you create an order having logged onto a location like ‘Labour Ward’ , in ELIS the accession will show ‘Labour Ward’ as sample source). Will this not suffice for you? Its not a direct indication of what the visit type is, but the location does indicate where from the order was placed.

@angshu Login location is not representing the departments of the hospital. Login location is just hospital name. But the requirement is from which department the lab order is coming from, which is represented by Visit type for the implementation.

I know. What I said is only a “make-do-temporarily” approach. Usually, if you know where the order has been placed from, you know what type of visit it might be - IPD, OPD, ER etc.

However, you are asking for different thing this time. You are asking for departments not visit type! And that can get tricky and not have any common solution. e.g. imagine a lab test ordered from Cardiology or Internal Medicine. Maybe in both the cases, the visit type was OPD! if you want information on source of order - I think setting up your location hierarchy appropriately to reflect the locations under specific representative department may be the way to go!

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