Display multiple images under single Window to have a comparison by the doctor in consultation view

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Trying to get an option to have multiple images view under single window, it enable doctors to check multiple views of the image(s) to compare and take decision.


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If any one explored and found some solution, request to comment and guide. If none, worked, I will start exploring the possible options.

Thanks, Kiran

If the images are part of observation form, have you considered using tabular view for that concept as per this wiki?


It is expected for the following activities or collection from the documents:

  1. In any observation forms.
  2. History
  3. Patient Uploaded documents

Thanks, Kiran

@derdummkopf67, @mksd , Thanks for your response and creating the Assessment ID for this request.

I am not sure, effectively, how I can create story in this forum and also, how the questions need to be answered in the mail, as it was going to no-reply.

Questions How will the images be sorted?

Ans: Preferable date of image (Either manual feed or option to select autofeed, in case dicom images)

Should the doctor enable the order the images for comparison are sorted?

Ans: If it is feasible, good to have this option.

Should they be sorted by date?

Ans: Yes, preferable;

When more than two images are selected for comparison, should the images be side-by-side? Or should they be projected vertically.

Yes, side by side is preferable for comparison. If it is selected four, then 2 + 2 matrix model is preferable.

If we are able to provide additional field of entry of text that would be a great help to write quick observations by doctor after seeing the images.

Thanks, Kiran