Display errors: givenNameLocal, middleNameLocal, familyNameLocal in patientContext

Whenever 2 of the 3 fields or attributes are provided it works OK, but if all 3 are given, either they are displayed in the wrong order (eg middleNameLocal first, with no ability to change the order --see picture), or only 2 of the 3 are visible.


    "patientContext": {
      "personAttributes": [

Bahmni release 0.89

Also is there a way to easily position the local name just after the patient name in patientContext?

Can you get the screenshot of your https://{host}/openmrs/admin/person/personAttributeType.list page of openmrs just to check.

I tried changing format for the 1st 3 attributes to org.openmrs.Person or org.openmrs.Patient without success.

That seems like a bug. There are 2 issues

  1. The order is not maintained. While the specified attributes are fetched the order mentioned in the config are not respected.
  2. The top band actually has fixed width of 37 px with overflow hidden. If you would use a devtool, inspect the element, and increase the height of the div (class=patient-info-fixed) , the attribute would show up. This you can fix by modifying the css. in “clinical.css”, you can change the height of the element (class: patient-info-fixed-postion-container div.patient-info-fixed)

For the first one, we will add this to our JIRA backlog. You are encouraged to send in a PR :slight_smile: