Display controls does not reflect the translated values of section names and form names

Hello everyone,

Currently we do not have a support to switch between locales and see the translated values for form name throughout Bahmni and section name in display controls , we can configure the entire form in a specific language. For one of our implementations we need to add a support for more than one locale to work together.

To achieve the same we are suggesting the following solution:-

  • We are planning to have a separate json file (like /clinical_forms/translations/form_name/form.json’} which has all the form name translations, eg if the forms are Form1 (v1), Form1 (v2), Form2 (v1) then the value in json would be something like below:

{ ‘en’: { FORM_1 : ‘Form1 English Name’, FOMR_2: 'Form2 English Name ’ }, ‘fr’: { FORM_1 : ‘Form1 French Name’, FOMR_2: 'Form2 French Name ’ } }

  • To introduce this json, we will need to add api in bahmni.ie.apps to save, edit, view, export & import these form name translations.
  • Also we will need to add a button near export button, to add/edit translations for form names.
  • For export the form names will get automatically exported when a form is exported.
  • For import the form names will be imported if the same form name does not exist else an error will popup for that form.
  • To get these translated form names on Bahmni UI (bahmniapps) we will need to start reading and rendering it on UI in the following places:
  1. Display controls
  2. Consultation page
  3. On form render

Opinions/ Suggestions??

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