Discourse (Talk) loading icon too small (on web for mobile)?

It’s been a very minor bother, but for a very long time. Talking about this:

@burke is it just me and my cache, or something is wrong with the Discourse setting for that loading icon?

The loading screen I see is this:

It’s got a little bit of animation.

Lol, yes sure, but then just after the screen that you shared would appear the screen that I shared. First the animated dots, then the tiny logo, then you’re in. You don’t see that?

No, but looking in the settings, there’s a manifest image, which apparently only renders on Android. The weird thing is that the image that it has is a 512x512 PNG, which should be much larger than that.

Ok this is Android but just through Chrome anyway (not through the Discourse app), so perhaps the one you mentioned doesn’t in fact kick in in that case?

Well, I was just trying with Brave in mobile view. But I’m not sure I see another toggle that might control that.

I had a feeling all these years that I was the only one experiencing that… :thinking: I can definitely live with it a couple more years, lol.