Discount amount and amount round off currency in billing invoice always showing rupee

Hi Everyone, I have installed Bahmni in my local machine from a downloaded vagrant box. I am using bahmni version 0.90.

I have configured and changed both sales and purchase currency from price list but discount amount and amount round off currency always showing in rupee.

Discount Amount : 100.00 ₹ Amount Round off : 0.00 ₹

I have found a module name “Bahmni Sale Discount” in openERP, can anyone help with information is this module setting a default currency as rupee?


This seems to be hardcoded in code.

@swathivarkala thanks for confirming this, I would look into this module code.

@swathivarkala @angshuonline
can we expect fixation of this currency issue in openERP

Bahmni Sale Discount module

would come with next release (0.91)

Release 0.91 w.r.t development and UAT is finished. We are in Beta Testing phase. This can considered in further releases. It would be great if people can contribute to Bahmni in fixing this.

@sohel can you please create a card in JIRA for this?

Also, for workaround, you can fix this manually. Go to “/opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/bahmni_sale_discount/invoice_discount_view.xml” and edit the line.

@binduak, @swathivarkala - this need to be mentioned in known issues of release note.

Hi everyone, I have tried this suggestion from @swathivarkala, @angshuonline but still have some issue updating Discount amount and amount round off currency. I have manually updated this file /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/bahmni_sale_discount/invoice_discount_view.xml and updated the currency_id in both tables product_pricelist dans product_price_type and still not working.

I have checked the Fields Views Get through the developer mode and from there you can see the hardcoded currency, but i don’t know how to get that file to update it. Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your help