Disable Propagation when triggering Script in Forms 2.0

We are building a form using Forms 2.0 where in we have a lot of calculations done using the other fields of the forms (Similar to BMI calculation but with many fields). The problem we are facing is when a field is selected/is active then the event is triggered which runs a chain of event something like once change event sets value to another one and hence it is propagated to another field as well. This goes on until a stack-overflow error is thrown and the tab freezes.

Also, when a event associated field is selected, it triggers something like a form submit which throwing validation throughout the form to enter the required fields.

Is there a way to disable event propagation for the script that is executed in forms 2.0 so that only that event is fired?

@angshuonline can you connect us with forms 2.0 developers for this issue ?

@snehabagri @sumanmaity112 can you guys provide some direction?