Director of Community


The Director of Community in many ways acts as the day-to-day “face” and voice of our community. A key responsibility of this role is ensuring that all participants within OpenMRS understand and can unlock the value of the community. Therefore, the director is responsible for coordinating, and directly participating in, the group effort it takes to inspire and support a self-sustaining open source community. This role also keeps an eye on the “big picture” and is responsible for planning and delivering on the community roadmap through program management.


Engagement & People

  • Recruit, mentor, manage and develop community members and leaders
  • Help promote and enforce OpenMRS values throughout the community
  • Publicize and reward productive behaviors among community members
  • Manage the Volunteer Recognition Program
  • Analyze and test engagement techniques that encourage behavior change
  • Provide program management support for OpenMRS

Content Development

  • Communicate priorities for community programs and other communication
  • Analyze need and set direction for programs, events, and other activities


  • Work closely with the OpenMRS Operational Lead to identify, track and help resolve community operational issues
  • Help develop and inform the weekly agendas for the Leadership Team
  • Help develop and inform the quarterly agendas for the Advisory Council
  • Facilitate the development and tracking of the annual operational plan
  • Support the creation of the OpenMRS Annual Report
  • Functions as a program manager, with occasional project management responsibilities

Strategic & Business

  • Engage and manage volunteers, consultants, and contractors, as needed
  • Support the development of community governance, policies, and guidelines
  • Develop and update the community strategy
  • Build the community roadmap
  • Secure budget and resources for community-focused programs
  • Ensure leadership sponsorship and champion the community internally and externally
  • Create a community measurement approach and framework
  • Deliver training materials appropriate to different stakeholder audiences


  • Manage and administer community platforms and tools globally, with a focus on a specific region’s use of those tools
  • Research & recommend community tools
  • Operate all OpenMRS social media presence

Skills Needed:

  • 2+ years prior experience working within an online community, preferably working with developer and implementer audiences who are leveraging open source software
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Enthusiasm, excitement, and energy
  • Great attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Ability to work with people from many culture and walks of life
  • Proactive, independent and highly motivated individual with a high work ethic and goal-oriented approach
  • Demonstrated technical background and familiarity with the community technologies that drive our online community
  • Experience as a program or project manager in health information technology
  • Software development or DevOps background is a plus

Attributes of an Ideal Candidate:

An ideal OpenMRS community director is someone who first and foremost believes deeply in the OpenMRS mission and has a passion for community building. They are someone who is technically savvy, has experience working within an open source community, understands and has worked to support operational needs of an open source community, and would describe themselves as a “people person”. That person would have great “servant leadership” skills, and ideally would live within the environments that we serve.

Reporting and Team Structure:

This role oversees the community management team, and is a defacto member of the OpenMRS Leadership Team. They report formally to the OpenMRS Operations Lead.

Additional Information

  1. This job will be open until filled
  2. Geographic location is flexible
  3. Salary will be determined based on experience
  4. Start date can be negotiated but preferably in the near future

How to Apply:

  1. Please submit a cover letter and resume that addresses the responsibilities and skills outlined above.
  2. Send your information to jobs[@]
  3. For more information on OpenMRS, please see our web site

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