Digital X Application Due May 31

OpenMRS has been invited to submit an application to join the Digital X Solutions Catalogue!

Digital X is a Partnerships for Scale Programme developed by the UNDP Chief Digital Office to find, match, and scale proven and innovative digital solutions around the world. UNDP country teams can connect and partner with digital solutions listed in the catalog. Check out their FAQ and website for more information.

I’ve put all of the questions into this Google document. We can also submit a pitch deck and other supporting documents, so if you know of a video, document, Wiki page, etc that you think we should include, chime in on this thread or note it in the Google doc.

Other ways you can help:

  • Help us complete our application by writing up responses to any of the questions or building out our pitch deck.
  • Review the application.
  • Become part of our application. We’d love to highlight specific contributions to OpenMRS that show how implementers collaboratively develop shared assets as well as extend and customize OpenMRS in response to local requirements! Share 1-2 slides or a short paragraph with us and we’ll work it in.
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