Digital Square Notice C Request for Proposals

Digital Square has posted their latest RFP (request for proposals) for funding open source digital health global goods projects. As you might recall, we submitted a proposal to Strengthen OpenMRS Community for their Notice B award, and we received notice that we were Awarded-Pending Funding. Digital Square’s notice:

"The board did provide contingent approval for funding in the expectation that Digital Square will work to identify additional resources. Your proposal has also been earmarked as one to be automatically considered by the Governing Board during its prioritization of resources in the next round of funding, Notice C. You would not need to resubmit your proposal again through the Open Proposal Process."

In discussions with Digital Square, we received the following feedback:

  • OpenMRS is considered a very important global good
  • We are discouraged from making any edits to the current proposal since it scored high with the review committee and is automatically resubmitted
  • Going forward, smaller concrete projects (even if it’s chunks of a larger project) may have a better advantage of securing funding in these notices

With that said, we’d like to find out if there are members or organizations of the community that are interested in leading the submission of proposals to Notice C to do OpenMRS projects. We would like to offer our support in whatever way is needed to getting these proposals submitted. We can brainstorm ideas, help with narratives, offer community coordination, and help define budgets and measures. Please post here on Talk if you’d like to collaborate with the community in your submission. You are also welcome to send me a PM if you’d prefer.

Thanks! Excited to find out what folks are thinking about and how we can help everyone.