Digital Square Funding Draft Proposal Submitted

Hello All -

I’m excited to let you know that on Friday we submitted the initial full draft proposal for the Digital Square funding. We have two weeks to make any final edits to the submission. We need your input! Please take a look at the proposal here and make comments for any edits, tell us if we said anything crazy, tell us where things are unclear, or anything that we may have forgotten.

Here is where the actual submission lives here but we’ll be working off of that google doc for the next two weeks to incorporate into the final submission.

Looking forward to your input, Jan

[1] Google Doc

[2] Digital Square Submission

Regarding the part which talks about our desire to increase commitment to diversity and inclusion through participation in additional opportunities such as Outreachy, would it be relevant to also mention Rails Girls Summer of Code, which we are taking part of, this year?


Good idea Daniel!

great work @janflowers

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