Digital DHIS2 conference 2021: OpenMRS and DHIS2: Easier data sharing how-to!

Part of the Interoperability DAC2021 Session: 2021-06-23T12:00:00Z

If you are attending the DHIS2 Annual Conference, more details on this session are available here.

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At the upcoming DHIS2 Conference on 2021-06-23T12:00:00Z , representatives from the OpenMRS COVID Squad (representing team members from >5 different countries) will share the updated OpenMRS DHIS2 Connector Module:

  • user-friendly, improved experience for setting up data exchange between OpenMRS and DHIS2
  • save time at set up, adapt to changing reporting indicator needs, run reports automatically, and scale your mapping work across multiple sites
  • sneak preview here


In our new pandemic world, reporting requirements are likely to increase, and clear operations data is more important than ever. Digital health teams around the world face pressure to quickly generate reports for their customers. But reporting requirements and their formulas change frequently. To meet deadlines, teams sometimes write custom scripts to facilitate custom data extraction and sharing between their EMR system and DHIS2. But these need manual fixes every time there’s a change to reporting indicators, causing painful longer-term maintenance burdens and additional quality oversight needs. Often, this work has to be manually re-done to support new sites.

We will share how Implementers can change this experience. Using an improved OpenMRS module called the “DHIS2 Connector Module”, Implementers have a toolkit to post aggregate data from OpenMRS to DHIS2. Users gain a User Interface for an easier-to-set-up OMRS to DHIS2 pipeline, that doesn’t need manual code fixes every time there’s a change to reporting indicators. We’ll show OpenMRS & DHIS2 Implementers how to use the friendly Mapping Tool User Interface, how to automatically send data to DHIS2 right away or on a schedule, and how to map their exports so that they can re-use their mapping work across sites.

:tada: We’re excited to share this solution with the DHIS2 community! :tada:

Special thanks to @grace @k.joseph @piumal1999 @jennifer