Difficulty using 2.9.0 Standalone (ViewException)

I’ve installed (unzipped) the Standalone package on Windows 10, installed OpenJDK 8 (8.232.9), and run the jar file. After setting up the sample data environment, if I search a patient and click them, I get “org.openmrs.ui.framework.ViewException: *** In view ‘miniPatientAppointments’, could not find property ‘dashboardUrl’.” I reset the whole thing and set it up but get the same thing. My first attempt I tried an up-to-date JDK and got many more errors so it makes me wonder if I need some specific build of JDK8 to make it work. Is OpenJDK just not supported or is something else?


Can you share the contents of the log file via pastebin.com?

Without PRO, I can’t upload it to PasteBin. Here’s a link to it on OneDrive:


If it is too big, it will be hard to look at. In order to make it smaller, stop the standalone, delete the log file, run the standalone again and reproduce the error. This will create a new log file to use for pastebin.com

It’s still pretty huge… I deleted the log, started the server, logged in, and clicked on a patient to get an exception. Seems like a lot in the log for mostly just startup. Maybe there are other issues.


Replace the reporting module that you have with the latest version here https://addons.openmrs.org/show/org.openmrs.module.reporting and then try again.

That did it. Looks like the standalone app needs updating! Thanks for your help.