Difference between core application and module


Can anyone tell me what is the difference between core application and a module

thank you

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Core is like the foundation , module is what you build on top of core to suit a partituclar need…So most of the module are for the end user to utilise,where as core is hidden in the background.

kindly checkout this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer



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@jayamal - This is also worth a read to understand the underlying modular architecture and technology stack: http://devmanual.openmrs.org/en/Technology/architecture.html

At the heart of OpenMRS is a custom module framework which lets you extend and modify the default functionality of the OpenMRS core in accordance to your needs. Modules are also structured like the OpenMRS core, and consist of user interface, data access and service layers. Some OpenMRS functionality is pulled out into modules instead of being written into the core application. This allows users to upgrade the content in those modules without having to wait for the next OpenMRS release.

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thank you vey much

Ok Thanks I got an idea

now I cloned the openmrs-core from github and build it using maven and run the war file in tomcat server, when I run it I got an interface but there are no any module. I know how to create a module using sdk. So I created a module and got a omod file but I have no idea how to run that module omod file in the server, how to do that

thank you

@jayamal It’s hard to assist here, as it’s not clear exactly what you’re trying to achieve (and it’s shifted a bit off topic from the original post).

What is the goal that you’re working towards? Which guidelines/docs have you been following, and which steps have you taken from those to get to this point?

Are you working on creating your first module? If you’ve been following the steps in Getting Started as a Developer, there are guidelines in the linked resources that describe how to add your .omod to the OpenMRS application. E.g. have a look at the Try out your module section in Creating Your First Module, which describes how to add a module through the OpenMRS Admin interface, or dropping it directly in the ~/.OpenMRS/modules folder.

yes you are right I have read Creating Your First Module.So the module that I created cannot be added through openMRS admin interface so I tried the 2nd method but there is no any folder like openmrs/module in the openmrs core. where can I find it. help would be appreciated

thank you

What do you mean when you say it cannot be added through the admin interface? Can you provide more description on this.

Yes when I click add module from interface it gives me a 404 error

Thanks, you may have to enable the option to allow modules to be uploaded from the admin interface. See https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Administering+Modules. The location of the ~/.OpenMRS/ folder and runtime properties will vary depending on things like your operating system.


Thank you very much. I configured out using your help


now I want to know how to add modules to core application. the documents says modules are in appdata directory but there is no any appdata directory. Any help would be appreciated

thank you