DIAL OSC Offer for COVID-19 Assistance

Hi everyone!

Around mid-day today, @janflowers and I received an email from DIAL OSC. They are partnering with Google and wanted to know if we are interested in taking part of a COVID-19 initiative that is similar to GSoC - except instead of a student, we’d get to work with someone from Google whose skills match our needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus, OSC is willing to have one of their engineers serve as primary mentor - as long as we have one or more people able to be a back up mentor.

What they need from us by end of day Monday (EDT) is a list of potential project ideas and the skills/languages needed. Thanks to the COVID-19 Response Squad and all of our recent grant-writing, re-purposing what we have into project ideas should be pretty straightforward. What we are really missing is a description of the skills sets we’d need.

Can a few people take a look at this Google doc with the above in mind, tweak/edit, and add in missing pieces?