Diagnosis base prescription template

We have a requirements from a specialized hospital that after suggesting the diagnosis the basic drugs and investigations related to that diagnosis will be added automatically (draft prescription). Here the doctor can add more drugs and investigation or remove from the list(draft prescription). and can finalize the prescription.

Why they want this requirements ?

  1. It a specialized hospital so that maximum drugs and investigation can be mapped by the diagnosis
  2. Doctors want more flexibility to consult patient

Hi @rakib I would recommend you to create an issue about this at- https://issues.openmrs.org/ under the new feature category. If still you have any query then feel free to ask. :grinning:

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I am not sure about automatically doing “medication requests”. I would rather use a “order set”, which the doctor can choose and adjust if required. I am sure it can be done (minus the draft state), but am discouraging that. I think if you are thinking of such Clinical Decision Support, I would rather prompt the doctor of availability of such order sets, and let her choose so.

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100% agree with Angshu’s views.

A draft, if not reviewed can lead to a wrong prescription. I would also suggest using order sets.

For the CDS, either you can follow the approach suggested above by Angshu or you could introduce the feature where the doctor can mark the most used orders as ‘favorite’. Since this is a specialized hospital, doctors would be repeating the drugs and labs for most of their patients.