DHISReport Reporting Enhancements GSoC17 project objectives and updates

Hello everyone, I am working on DHISReport Reporting Enhancements project for GSoC17 with the help of my mentors @maurya and @k.joseph
This thread is to define the project plan to enhance the DHISReport Reporting module and to update about the work progress.

Project plan:

May 21 - May 30 : Study about reporting module and DHISReport module. Get an understanding about the relationships between DHIS2 and Report indicators.

May 31 - June 10 : Design interfaces for indicator mapping and importing report module reports.

June 11 - June 26 : Fetch indicators from DHIS2 api and OpenMRS indicators and link them to the interface.

June 26 - June 30 : Phase 1 Evaluation

June 30 - July 28 : Import report definitions on request from interface and add those definitions to manage reports section with the functionalities.

July 29 - August 29 : Do the mapping between DHIS2 and reporting indicators. 

Best regards, Choxmi Sathsara

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Designed UI for importing report module reports. Working on the functionality.

After discussing with my mentors, I was able to finalize the objectives of the project. The main objectives of the project is to,

  • Being able to map and update each and every indicator for a report (DHIS and Reporting report)

  • Generate the report output with the mapped specific report indicators.

Up to now I have completed the mapping part and working on displaying the mapped report in the list.