DHISReport module installation issues

Including a mail received from @pralay regarding DHISReport module installation issues.

Hello @maurya, Thank You for your help. I could install the module properly with your help on telegram. I am working/exploring DHIS2 report module for past one week and I have almost everything ready to work, except few issues.

I am facing the following issues while installing the module

1. Unable to see the REPORT RESULTS.

I have followed the sets on wiki https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/DHIS+Report+Module+-+SHR+Customized+Version I am using the demo data for testing and working on OpenMRS 1.11.x.

  1. Unable to get POST option


  1. I repeated the procedure on OpenMRS 1.9.x , 1.10.x and 1.11.x
  2. I have tried to install the module on Standalone(2.3.1 and 1.11.5) also. The issue was not solved on any of the versions. Please let me know what i am missing here.

For getting the report result you need to follow this section in the wiki -

4. Location Attribute configuration

This maps OpenMRS locations and DHIS2 Org Units. Setting this will generate results for each location with the “CODE” attribute set.

For the POST/PREVIEW, - You need to set the global properties - dhis username, password and url. There is a glitch in the code that does not register settings from the module. This has been solved, but not updated in the main codebase, will update the codebase and reply to this thread when that is done.