DHIS2 Reporting module crashes when trying to post

Hi all,

I set up the DHIS2 Reporting module recently and tried to post data from the module. When I select the “Post to DHIS2” option and click the “Generate” button the page gets crashed immediately.

I created an issue explaining the bug:

When I’m digging into the code I found that we need to fix the following in order to fix this.

  1. The content type of the request payload is incorrect. (It should be application/adx+xml)
  2. JAXB mapping for the response payload is incompatible
  3. The UI should update with the corrected mappings

These are the subtasks for the issue. @akshika47 could you please review and mark them as ready for work?

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By the way, I found this issue later.

@maurya Isn’t this completed in the module?

@jayasanka the issues are now ready for work.

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Thanks @akshika47

I created a PR. Please review and merge: